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About Fuego Lights Cigars

Fuego Lights deliver an infused cigar experience the likes of which have never been experienced by cigar smokers before. This masterfully blended cigar is constructed with some of the finest aged Nicaraguan tobacco available and enriched with organically grown high-grade CBD from hemp domestically grown in the United States. The combination of these carefully selected components create notes, flavors, and aromas that no other cigar has. These CBD-infused cigars are kept under ideal humidity from construction to delivery assure they are infused to perfection. Fuego Lights are a finely hand-rolled cigar for the Tobacconist looking for an evolution in cigar blending that transcends traditional cigar blends and takes the aficionado on a journey that indulges the senses.

Flavor Profile & Notes

You will experience notes of sweet pine and hints of dark cocoa coming through strong in the first-third of the cigar. As you smoke through the cigar other unique aromas and flavors will tickle your palette most noticeably through taste and smell. Floral earth-like aromas and tastes of cedar, leather, and mesquite wood will stimulate your senses. On the retro-hale, strong notes of pine come through and the pine-sweet taste of the CBD is prominent.

Next Level Relaxation

Smoking a cigar is usually thought of as a celebratory and relaxing experience where the Tobacconist takes the time to enjoy the finer things life has to offer. While we believe that just about any time is a good time for a cigar; infusing a cigar can add to the experience and heighten the senses on one’s palette. Enriching this fine tobacco with the highest quality CBD available takes the relaxation aspect of cigars to new heights not found in traditional tobacco blends. With the ultimate goal of relaxation in mind, Fuego Lights makes no medical claims to CBD / Cannabinol and encourage cigar enthusiasts to perform their independent research, formulate their own opinions, and have a full understanding of what new levels of relaxation they may experience with this cigar blend before use.

Fuego Lights Cigar Features:

  • Size: Edmundo
  • Body: Light – Medium
  • Composition: Aged Nicaraguan Puro
  • Infusion: 100mg High Grade CBD from Hemp as allowed in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.
  • Average Smoke Time: 45 Minutes

Perfect Pairings

The infusion in this cigar carries a distinct sweetness making this the perfect dessert cigar. It’s unique flavor and aroma profile allow it to be paired with a wide array of libations. It’s fantastic with many dark liquors; however, to enrich some of the most unique flavor profiles come from pairing this cigar with a chocolate dessert and a cup of your favorite coffee.

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