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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can we ship to?

A. There was a bill introduced into law called the 2018 Farm Bill and with this bill it allows us to ship to all 50 states because our CBD is derived from hemp. However, there are a few states that may not allow for this type of CBD in the future. If this happens we would have to restrict shipping to these states.

Q. Since you don’t inhale the cigar, how do you get the effects from the CBD?

A. The CBD flower is combustible in the same manner as the tobacco you smoke so you would receive the effects of the CBD, in the same manner, you would nicotine from the cigar. However, this cigar was not developed as a method of delivery system for CBD. It was developed to bring a new and unique blend that brings cigar connoisseurs and aficionados an array of flavors, tastes, and aromas that no other cigar in the history of cigars has ever offered. It’s all natural and no additional chemicals or additives are found outside of what is contained in the CBD flower.

Q. How do you justify the price?

A. Aside from this being a limited production run; the fair retail price for the amount of the high-grade CBD flower used in this blend is $15.00. Combine that with the aged, premium Nicaraguan tobacco with a fair retail price somewhere between $10 and $12 in a final product that is hand rolled domestically in the US. We’ve also created some promotions for the launch that won’t last so we suggest you take advantage of them.

Q. Why smoke a CBD cigar when I can just take CBD concentrates?

A. Concentrates are just that; they are typically high doses used for medical reasons to attempt to treat a variety of ailments. They can be taken in many different forms including added to a cigar. The CBD Flower, in the dose used in this cigar, does not have any medical purpose; it is simply to create and enhance the flavor and aroma profile of the cigar while offering an opportunity for maximum relaxation. Anyone looking at this cigar as a method for taking CBD and not simply for their relaxation and enjoyment is not looking at this the right way. This cigar serves no medical purpose what so ever.

Q. Does it smell like weed?

A. Unlit it does have a faint pine scent similar to that of a pine tree in the forest. It will give your humidor this slight pleasant scent. When lit, it mostly smells like a cigar but at times will give off that similar aroma. So, it is present but not prominent.